Arnþrúður Ösp is an Icelandic artist. In her art making she works with thread and traditional textile and fiber techniques including knitting, crochet and embroidery using traditionally spun wool or linen thread that she hand dyes, she also works with alternative materials such as paper and plastic as thread and yarn, adding to the depth of both her traditional and contemporary artistry.  She says, "Nature has always played an important part in my life, as a inspiration and refuge to me. I admire the landscapes and their forms from the mountains in the distance with snowdrifts on the top, or the close-up look of the small vegetation and the stones that I walk on.In my work I seek to express the visual qualities of form and image, atmosphere, lightness and density. I mix traditional fiber techniques with more experimental approach to textiles seen in contemporary art, focusing on the fine details using subtle technique and colour blending, seeking a meticulous finish to my work.”